The trick to choosing a dishwasher?

Make sure the washing programmes will suit your crockery. Space, location, convenience, capacity and energy usage are all important too...


Whether you go for a freestanding dishwasher or one that's built-in to your fitted kitchen, you need to measure the space.

How much space have you got?

60cm width or more – You’ll be fine with a standard width dishwasher.
45-60cm width – A slimline dishwasher will fit nicely if you haven’t got as much space.
Less than 45cm or none – A compact dishwasher is small enough to fit on your kitchen top and big enough to clean up 6 place settings.


Dishwasher capacity is most commonly referred to in place settings. 1 place setting is roughly the kitchenware one person would need for a three course meal.

12-13 place settings – Big enough for a family’s daily dishes.
9 place settings – Available in slim models and suited to a couple or those with limited space.
6 place settings – A compact dishwasher is worthwhile if you eat out regularly and want more space.


For Grubby pots - If you love a gooey, cheesy lasagne but hate the residue it leaves behind, look for a model with an intensive 70°C program for ultra clean, hygienic results in under 90 mins.
For Delicates – If you’d like to clean glassware, a machine with a cool 45°C wash will keep the temperature constant to avoid damage.
For a bit of everything – Some machines will choose the optimum temperature (between 45 and 70°C) based on how many dishes and how dirty they are. Then choose the best rinse and dry settings too.

#EASYTIP: Remember to use salt to stop limescale streaks appearing on your dishes


There are a number of options to look out for that help you fit cleaning the dishes into your day:

DelayStart – a machine with Delay start allows you to do just that – control the time your cycle starts to suit your schedule.
30 minute quick wash – get the dishes done in just 30 minutes.


Appliances are rated from A to G in terms of energy efficiency. A being at the top of the scale and G… well you get the idea. Appliances more efficient than A are shown as A+, A++ and so on.

An A+ rated machine is 25% more efficient than an A rated machine and means cheaper energy bills.


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