From traditional gas to intelligent induction...


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Boil in No time. Easy.

With inductions hobs simply power on and boil in no time with instant heat allowing you faster cooking and be in full control going from simmer to boil in a matter of seconds. As only the bottom of the pan heats up you are also safe to touch with rapid cool down.

Induction hob

  • The hob surface is easy to wipe and keep clean
  • Faster cooking with instant heat
  • Easy to adjust the temperature while cooking

BoilAssist hob looks after water on your behalf

BoilAssist is a function that supports you when boiling water, by detecting when the water is boiling and reducing it to a simmer for you. Making cooking easier


  • Detect rising bubbles in the pan
  • Automatically adjust the temperature
  • Reducing water to a gentle simmer
  • Concentrate without distraction

Choosing the right hob

From easy-cleaning, quick-heating induction hobs to large and powerful gas hobs – which one you need depends on your tastes, your home and your household. Here's how to choose the right one.