Why is my cooker hood noisy / noise / rattling or whistling sound / louder than expected or usual

Last updated 09/01/2023 12:38


  • The hood emits rattling sounds/noises
  • Cooker hood is louder than expected

Applies to

  • cooker hoods


These days, noise levels are indicated in decibels (dB) on the energy labels provided with appliances. This means you can compare different cooker hoods and choose the one that offers the best compromise in terms of extraction power and decibels produced.

Correctly installing a hood with the correct length and width of ducting as specified in the hoods installation details can have a huge effect on the final noise level so for this step we would recommend a professional installation.  If the noises only occur at the highest setting, the problem is usually caused by increased back pressure in the suction system. The ducting hose is either too long, its diameter too small, or there are many bends. Check the installation and use smooth pipes, if possible, to resolve the problem.

  • Active carbon filters, as used on recirculating type hoods, should as a general rule be replaced once every three months. If these filters get too worn, they can crack and may allow small pieces of carbon to pass through. These pieces of carbon will then end up generating noise, similar to the way small pebbles do when shaken in a box. If the filters are damaged, we recommend you replace them.
  • You might also make a few changes to the way in which you use your cooker. Lower-intensity fan settings will produce less noise. For meals requiring a lot of extraction e.g. pan-searing a steak, you should turn your fan on as early as possible in order to ensure that any smoke is dealt with efficiently. More power to your fan will mean more noise.
  • Whistling or other noises can occur when air blows back into the extractor from outside. In this case, please check that the non-return valve is correctly fitted if available on the relevant model

If this doesn't resolve the issue, contact an Authorized Service Center.

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