Gas hob - Ignition issues

Last updated 28/02/2023 08:24


  • Gas hob - Ignition issues
  • Ignition continually clicking

Applies to

  • All gas hobs with electronic ignition


Is the ignition or spark on the electrode visible, and is the electrical supply connected?  Ensure that the electric connection is correct by checking the plug status or contracting a fully qualified electrician. Check the fuse box to ensure that the ring main RCD has not caused the electricity to be turned off.

Are the burner caps and crowns clean, and also level? If they are not, clean the burners, burner caps and crowns by hand (not in the dishwasher) and dried correctly.  Check that the burner caps and crowns are aligned correctly and straight.

Is ignition continually clicking?  Turn appliance off at the main electric switch, wait 60 seconds and turn the appliance back on.

Is the ignition still continually clicking once the appliance has been switched back on at the mains?  There is a possible ignition fault and requires an Technician visit.

Only a Gas Safe Registered engineer can repair a gas appliance.  Contact your manufacturer for either an in-warranty call-out or to arrange a Fixed Price Repair where out of warranty.

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