Hob displays message P

Last updated 10/02/2023 14:14


  • Hob / cooker displays message P. It indicates that the Booster / Power function is activated.

Applies to:

  • integrated induction hob
  • freestanding cooker with induction hob


1. The function will shut off automatically after a short time and the message will disappear.

The "P" symbol on your hob refers to the PowerBoost feature. Much faster than gas, this feature gives you full control over your induction hob, providing a quick burst of heat, and letting you boil water almost instantly. It's perfect for tasks like boiling potatoes and other quick-cooking jobs too, like searing meat. Because of its speed and power, it’s important to be careful when using oil and not leave the pan unattended.

For more information, refer to the user manual. Download the user manual.

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