Hot plate cooks slowly

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  • Hot plate cooks slowly
  • Too long cooking time

Applies to:

  • integrated electric hob
  • freestanding cooker with electric hob
  • integrated induction hob
  • freestanding cooker with induction hob
  • integrated gas hob
  • freestanding cooker with gas hob


1.  Measure the cooking time as follows:

  • Use a steel saucepan that fits perfectly on the cooking zone.
  • Make sure that the bottom of the saucepan is even by pressing a ruler to the base.
  • Pour 1 l of water in the saucepan and put the lid on.
  • Place the saucepan on the cooking zone. Set to the highest setting.
  • Compare the table with the cooking times below:

Note: The time at which steam starts escaping from under the lid.






The time for heating up 1 l of water to approx. 100 °C

Energy consumption for heating up 1 l of water to approx. 100 °C

Temperature of ambient surface when heating up 1 l of water to approx. 100 °C


3 - 4 min.

Approx. 134 Wh

110 °C


4 - 5 min.

Approx. 178 Wh

390 °C


7 - 8 min.

Approx. 241 Wh

430 °C

Pasted plates

7 - 8 min.

Approx. 258 Wh

450 °C


2. If the times vary distinctly, contact an Authorized Service Center.

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