Hot plate switches itself off / beeps

Last updated 01/08/2022 09:54

If the hot plate switches itself off / beeps, refer to the suggestions below for step-by-step instructions.

Possible causes:Solutions:
The liquid is spilt on the control panel.Wipe down the control panel with a damp cloth, then dry the surface with a towel.
No heat setting is selected.If you switch on the hot plate without selecting the heat setting, the hot plate will switch itself off after approximately 10 seconds.
The control panel is covered.If a cloth or other material covers the control panel (fully or partially), an acoustic signal will sound. Remove the object from the surface of the control panel.
Automatic switch off.

If the hot plate was left on for too long, it will switch itself off for safety reasons, in order to prevent the pots or the saucepans from boiling dry.

The procedure depends on the selected setting. Refer to the user manual, if applicable. Download user manual.

Note: The time before the plate is switched off depends on the power setting selected. See the user manual.

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