Oven displays error message C1 ,C2, C3, C4

Last updated 20/11/2019 09:29


  • My oven shows error code C1, C2, C3 or C4 in the display

Applies to:

  • Integrated oven
  • Freestanding cooker


1. If your oven displays error message C1 ,C2, C3, C4, refer to the suggestions below:




C1 (*) 

Telescopic rails during pyrolytic treatment.

Remove the telescopic rails and all accessories from the oven compartment before activating the pyrolytic function. 

C2 (*) 

The cooking thermometer is in the connector during the pyrolytic treatment. 

Remove the cooking thermometer before activating the pyrolytic function. 

C3 (*) 

Open door during the pyrolytic treatment. 

If the door is open, you cannot perform the pyrolytic treatment. 

Close the oven door before the pyrolytic function is activated.

C4 (*) 

The Plus steam button is activated while switching on the pyrolytic treatment. 

Press the Plus steam button again to unselect Plus steam before switching on the pyrolytic function.


If the problem persists, we recommend requesting a visit by a service engineer.

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