Oven steam self - cleaning function

Last updated 14/10/2019 14:02


  • How to use oven steam self-cleaning function?

Applies to:

  • oven with a steam self-cleaning function


1. Cleaning instructions for combi steam ovens with a visible steam generator at the bottom of the oven:

Important: Completely cool down the oven before starting the program. If the oven is hot, the steam doesn’t work so quickly.

  • Follow the procedure shown on the oven’s display. 
  • The steam cleaning process lasts 15 minutes.
  • Spray the oven compartment with an oven cleaner, which you can buy from the Webshop.
  • Allow the oven cleaner to take effect in the oven compartment for at least 2 hours – preferably more (e.g. overnight).
  • Run the steam cleaning program again.
  • Empty the steam generator of detergent and grease when the program is finished.
  • Dry the oven compartment, shelves and door with a wrung-out cloth.
  • Polish the door with a window cleaning agent.

2. Steam cleaning process step by step:

  •  After 2 minutes steam starts to appear on the inside of the oven door.
  •  After 5 minutes it becomes difficult to see the inside of the oven compartment. Water droplets run down the inside of the oven door.
  •  After 7 minutes the steam slowly begins to disappear. The inside of the oven compartment becomes much more visible.
  •  From the 7th minute until the end, the steam continues to disappear. 
  •  There is moisture in the oven compartment when the program ends after 15 minutes.
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