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We have a wide range of ovens and cookers; each model will have its own range of cooking functions to choose from.  

Using the correct function for the food type you're wanting to cook can make a big difference in taste, texture, and overall finish to your end result. 

Understanding the functions will allow you to get the best results from your appliance.  

Below are some of the Cooking Functions on Zanussi ovens and cookers, the number of Cooking Functions on each model can vary,

More Cooking functions can be found on the links below which take you to the appropriate appliance type and show functions and some tips to help get the best from your appliance.

True Fan Cooking

This function is used for cooking everyday meals. With FanCook, you can reduce the cooking time by 10 minutes for each hour that you’re cooking, reduce the temperature by 20°C and cook on multiple shelf positions whilst still achieving even cooking/baking results. With True FanCook, you can cook a variety of foods at the same time without having to worry about flavours transferring from one food to another. For example, a roast dinner and an apple pie, give great results and cooking flexibility.


With Electric Cookers and Ovens using the Grill function and cooking on the middle or top shelf positions with the oven door closed will be perfect for making small quantities of toast or grilling delicious cheese on toast. It can be used for browning too. Ideal for smaller quantities of food. Place your food to be grilled in the centre of the grill pan/wire shelf towards the top of the cavity (shelf position 4 or 5) for best results. Always keep the oven door closed when cooking/grilling with electric grills.

Turbo Grill

This function uses both fan and grill and is a great function, particularly for cooking meats. The oven will distribute heat alternately between fan and grill to give you juicy meats with a crispy skin. Cook on the middle shelf when trying to achieve the rotisserie effect for chicken. The heat will circulate around the chicken to give a golden and crispy finish while being juicy on the inside. To avoid overcooking roast meats such as chicken or pork, cook at 180°C and reduce cooking time by 15%.

Pizza Setting

Combining the fan and the heating element in the bottom of the oven, this function will give you a perfectly cooked pizza with a crispy base. Put your pizza on an oven tray/wire shelf and place it on shelf position one (this is the lowest shelf position in the oven cavity), this will ensure you achieve a crispy base for your tasty pizza.

Air Fry

AirFry is a great way to crisp up your favourite meals. With the specially designed Zanussi AirFry tray, the hot air cooks the top and bottom of your food at the same time. For crispy fish fingers and golden chips, AirFry is a great way to cook your favourite crispy meals without the need for turning. Make sure to use shelf position 1 when making pizza (the lowest shelf position). A good tip is to pre-heat the AirFry tray before starting to give crispy results. When cooking foods such as chips, fish fingers and chicken nuggets or anything with a breadcrumb coating, place the AirFry tray on shelf position 3 (middle shelf position) and place a solid tray on shelf position 2 (second from bottom) to catch any food pieces which may drop down during the cooking process.

Moist Fan Baking

This is an energy-efficient cooking function which retains moisture in the oven, so is particularly great for achieving light and fluffy results when baking. Ideal for baked soufflés. Please keep the oven door closed when using this function. The temperature shown on the display may differ slightly from the temperature in the oven cavity. This function is great for one-shelf cooking and for dishes such as lasagne and potato & pasta bakes. The oven light will turn off to save energy when this function is in use.

Conventional Cooking

Using top and bottom heating elements only, this Conventional cooking function is ideal for traditional recipes or for baking bread and fruitcakes. For best results, the best shelf position to use on this function is shelf position 3 (this is the middle shelf in the cavity). This will give you even heat from both the top and bottom elements.


The Defrost function is a great option when you want to reduce the defrosting time of your food. The time of defrosting can be reduced by as much as 50% when compared with food being defrosted on a kitchen worktop. No heat is used in the oven while the fan circulates room temperature air around the food which gives an even and quicker defrosting result. Place your food in the middle shelf position (shelf position 3) for best results. Defrosting times may vary depending on food types and please ensure foods are completely defrosted before cooking

Oven / Cooker Clock Symbols:

Time Of Day

To show or change the time of day. You can change the time of day only when the oven is off.


To set the length of cooking. Use only when a heating function is set.

End Time

To set the oven turn-off time. Use only when a heating function is set.

The links below will take you to the appropriate appliance type and show functions and some tips to help get the best from your appliance.

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