Dishwasher tablets do not fully dissolve

Last updated 28/04/2023 11:15


  • Dishwasher tablets do not fully dissolve
  • Why isn’t the dishwasher tablet dissolving?

Applies to:

  • freestanding dishwasher
  • integrated dishwasher


1. Use dishwasher tablets for long cycles to avoid traces of detergent on cookware.

Dishwasher tablets may not dissolve fully in short cycles.

2. Try out a different brand of dishwasher tablets or use powdered detergent instead.

  • Certain brands of detergent tablets do not dissolve completely. 
  • If you have purchased tablets which do not dissolve effectively or which are not rinsed out of the detergent dispenser, simply place the tablet at the bottom of the dishwasher and then start the cycle.

3. Make sure the dispenser tray is dry before placing detergent inside. 

  • If the dispenser tray is damp, tablets or powder can become clogged. 
  • If the problem persists, place the tablet at the bottom of the appliance.

Important: The above is not a malfunction of the dishwasher and is not covered by the warranty.

4. This issue may also be caused by the dishwasher tablet not being released from the detergent dispenser correctly or at the right time:

  • Do not place cookware in front of the detergent dispenser.

  • Make sure that there is nothing that may block the dispenser lid or opening, such as an air freshener, tall plates, etc. 

5. Check whether the cookware is hot at the end of a washing cycle.

This issue can be caused by the appliance not heating up. If the dishwasher does not heat up, contact an Authorized Service Centre.

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