How to disassemble and assemble the detergent drawer (FL) (WaterSoftener)

Last updated 23/02/2021 06:47

Before any maintenance operation, deactivate the appliance and disconnect the mains plug from the socket.

Always take care when moving appliances, for heavy appliances it's necessary two persons to move it. 

Always use safety gloves and enclosed footwear.

Please note that self-repair or nonprofessional repair can have safety consequences if not done properly

How to disassemble and assemble the detergent drawer


Below photos are illustrative only, they may differ from your washing machine / washer dryer model.

Open the detergent drawer. The catch (indicated with “PUSH” name) will be visible on the left side.

Press the catch (“PUSH”) as indicated in the picture and pull the detergent drawer out.

Turn the drawer upside down.

Remove the handle by pressing the three catches and detach the handle as indicated in the picture.

Picture showing the handle separated from the detergent drawer.

Replace the detergent drawer.

Slide the hooks of the handle into the slots of the drawer as indicated in the picture.

Rotate the handle until the lower catches lock into place.

Make sure that the three catches are correctly locked.