Clothes are too creased after washing in the washer dryer

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Clothes are too creased after washing in washer dryer

Applies to

Front loader washer dryer (integrated and freestanding)


Here are some tips to ensure that the clothes are not over creased at the end of the washing programme on your washer dryer.

    Make sure you don’t overload the drum. 

The Cottons programme will take the maximum capacity, other wash programmes like Synthetics and Delicates will take a smaller load. The user manual will list the maximum load capacity for each programme. You can download your user manual by clicking the link at the bottom of this article.

If there is too much laundry in the drum for the selected programme the clothes will not have enough room to be washed correctly and may be creased at the end of the wash.

    Check the Spin Speed 

The spin speed can be reduced if needed. When a programme is selected it will automatically choose a certain spin speed, this can be reduced if needed (certain garments will require lower spin speeds) and this may help reduce creasing.

    Check the programme temperature is suitable for the clothes.

The care label on the garments being washed will advise you on what temperature the garment can be washed at. 

When you choose a washing programme a washing temperature will be chosen automatically, this can be reduced to a cooler temperature if needed.

    Rinse Hold 

If you are not going to unload the washer dryer immediately after the washing programme has finished, you may want to choose the rinse hold option before the programme starts.

This will hold the clothes in the drum with water still in the drum, with the drum rotating occasionally to prevent creases. When you are ready you can activate the spin and the washer dryer will drain and spin.

The rinse hold option is pictured below. Please refer to the user manual for more detailed instructions on using this option.

    Select suitable cycle for the type of laundry in the drum.

In cotton cycles, the clothes are washed with a low water level, vigorous washing and a high spin speed to finish. 

All these factors may lead to clothes being creased. Use gentle wash cycles for clothes that crease easily.

    Remove your laundry from the drum as soon as it has been spun.

Clothes can become creased if they are left in the drum for a long time.

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