Foam and detergent powder residue in washing machine

Last updated 25/04/2023 10:56


  • Foam and detergent powder residue in the washing machine
  • Washing machine foams a lot during washing

Applies to

  • Washing machine (Freestanding and integrated) 
  • Washer dryer (Freestanding and integrated) 


1. Clean the machine – run repeated washes at the highest temperature without detergent, until it produces no more foam. (You may need to do this several times).

2. Clean the machine with a washing machine cleaner. 

3. Carefully follow the detergent powder manufacturer’s instructions on dosing.

4. Try washing using a different brand of detergent.

5. Run a maintenance wash regularly (Cotton cycle at 90°C at least once a month)

6. Use the extra rinse function.

7. Ensure you're using the correct cycles intended for the clothing type.

8. You may consider contacting the detergent manufacturer for further advice and instructions for using their detergent.

Note:  Excessive foam in the washing machine is not covered by the warranty, as it is not the machine's fault.


The reason for excessive foam in the washing machine is excessive detergent or another agent that has been used.

  • Adding too much detergent is genuinely the cause (Overdosing of detergent).
  • A build-up of detergent powder residue in the machine caused by adding too much detergent and washing regularly at low temperature.
  • Washing fabrics that have already been saturated with detergents. (Clothes that have been pre-soaked)
  • Too low water hardness (in some home are installed water softener), for low water hardness you should follow detergent manufacturer label
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