Laundry is stiff or hard after washing in washing machine

Last updated 05/06/2019 10:47


  • Laundry is stiff or hard after washing in washing machine

Applies to:

  • Front loader washing machine (integrated and freestanding)
  • Top loader washing machine


1. The most likely cause of fabric feeling rigid or stiff is adding the wrong amount of detergent. Follow the instructions below for best washing results:

  • If too little detergent is used, there may be insufficient active ingredients to combat the hardness of the water, which in turn can affect the softness of the fibres. This may also result in generally poor washing results.
  • Using too much detergent can result in concentrated detergent being left on the fibres, making them feel coarse.
  • Make sure that the washing machine is not overloaded – especially with heavy cotton garments such as jeans or towels which absorb a lot of water.
  • Tumble-drying items such as towels can also help, as this process separates the fibres, making them feel softer
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