Zanussi washing machine does not take detergents / water remains in the softener compartment

Last updated 20/12/2022 10:12


  • Detergent remains in the drawer
  • Softener remains in the drawer
  • No smell of the softener on the laundry
  • Leakage from the detergent drawer's front 
  • Mould in the detergent drawer
  • Water remains in the softener compartment

Applies to

  • Zanussi Front loader washing machine
  • Zanussi Washer dryer


There are a few reasons why the detergent and or softener may not be dispensed properly into the drum. The majority of which come down to regular care and cleaning. This however does not apply to a new never been used appliance – If this is you, then please contact the retail outlet you purchased it as there be a fault or installation problem. If your appliance has been used and was working great up until recently, here are a few things that might help:

  • Clean the detergent drawer regularly to prevent building detergent residues.
  • Open the dispenser drawer slightly after every wash so it can dry out between washes.
  • Make sure that the drain hose has no kinks or bends.
  • Make sure that the connection of the drain hose is correct.
  • If the above-mentioned solutions do not help, contact the Authorized Service Centre (as the filter of the drain pump may be clogged).

How to clean the drawer/ additive compartment & recess correctly (see below)

The below diagrams are from the Zanussi Lindo100 Washing Machine. We appreciate the below diagrams do not accommodate every model variant. The removal of your drawer and dispenser compartment varies very slightly from model to model but is generally a very similar process. i.e. remove the drawer, push a button to release the compartment and clean. Please refer to your manual if you are having trouble finding the correct button to press in order to release the compartment. 

*TOP TIP - it will be located right towards the end of the manual under ‘Care and Cleaning’.

1. Remove the detergent dispenser drawer by pulling it firmly.

2. Remove the top part of the additive compartment to aid cleaning. Push the right side of the compartment indicated in the diagram, to remove it.

3. Once removed - Flush it out under running warm water, to remove any traces of accumulated detergent.

Make sure that all detergent residue is removed before placing the piece back where you ejected it from. As seen in the Step 4 Diagram

4. Insert the top part of the additive compartment back into its rightful place.

5. Before returning the drawer and sliding it back into its place, make sure that all detergent residue is removed from the upper and lower part of the recess - Use a small brush to clean the recess.

6. You can now return the drawer (after a thorough clean) to the recess it sits in.

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