Your fridge/freezer is a vital part of your kitchen

Choosing one can be a tricky task. Here's a guide to make the whole process easier...


What kinds of food do you want to store?

Fresh produce – Look for larger fridge compartments, deep salad drawers and fridges with even air circulation to keep food fresh.
Meats – A model with an Extra-fresh compartment will keep meat and fish fresher for longer.
Bottled goods – A model with full width door shelves and a bottle shelf will house all your bottles. No problem. Frozen foods – Look for low frost or frost-free freezers that you don't waste your time defrosting.

#EASYTIP: Use adjustable shelves to make the most of your space and accommodate all types of food.


What type of fridge will suit your kitchen?

Built-in – Placed behind a cabinet to match your kitchen design – either upright or below/above your work surface. Make sure to measure up though – you’ll need at least 38mm at the back for ventilation and a vent cut out in the plinth of at least 200cm2.
Freestanding – Stands in your space available. Remember to measure and check there’s enough room to open doors easily.

#EASYTIP: Position your fridge out of direct sunlight and away from radiators or the oven to reduce energy consumption.


Fridge freezer capacity is measured in litres. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should fill it with wine and beer (unless you want to).

100 - 150 litres - Should suit a household of one or two people.
150 - 250 litres - Better for medium sized families. 250+ litres - For big families or plenty of roommates. Regular outings to the supermarket should mean you require less refrigeration space. So if you shop often, consider a smaller fridge.

#EASYTIP: Don't overfill your fridge – the cool air needs some room to circulate.


All fridge freezers from 2014 onwards must have at least an A+ energy rating, due to increasing standards. However there are A++ rated fridge freezers available that are 21% more efficient and will save you money on your energy bill.


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